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Adriane Galisteu Talks About Ayrton Senna ( May 1 st 2014)

Foto/Picture: Ayrton & Adriane (Rio de Janeiro-December 1993)


"I never expected to go so far, but I wouldnt do anything different today.I'm proud of my love story with Ayrton. He will live in my heart forever and I will be his eternal girlfriend " emphasized Galisteu, during a chat with the brazilian newspaper "Extra Online"..She talks about her strong memories with the national idol. She pronounced Ayrton´s name with emphasis, it was something noticeable in her voice. "Regardless of my love story, all of us are fans of his trajectory because he always will be a great idol. When my son grow up I will tell about Ayrton Senna with him" She says, talking about her son, Vittorio, 3, with the brazilian businessman Alexandre Iódice. What I miss... 


"He is always alive in my life, Its not a problem for me! And I like it. I´m pride because I lived a beautiful love story. But of course I use to stay nervous every year on May 1 st and on March 21 ( his birthday) too. I like to post his picture on my instagram and facebook account, in his honour ... ". 

Eternal love

Adriane was interviewed by phone and her husband heard part of the conversation: "My husband is not jealous person. When he married with me, he knew about my feelings. I will never get married with a man that doesn´t respect my story" says Adriane, " If it depends on me, he will never be forgotten or untied me. We will always remember his memory. He is a person absolutely brilliant and eternal. " 

Some people comments about to become more famous after his death:
"I don´t care about it. I do not regret anything in my life. People that don´t know me very well can think what they want about me, but who really know about my life have a different opinion about me.It is not necessary that all people love me, I never want it. I just want people respect me and appreciate my professional life. Now I´m happy and in peace with my life and my story. I grew up in a humble family. I´m still the same simple person.Ayrton was the same: a guy with extremely simple habits. " 

SOURCE: http://extra.globo.com/famosos/adriane-galisteu-diz-que-marido-nao-tem-ciumes-de-sua-historia-de-amor-com-ayrton-senna-ele-vivera-eternamente-em-mim-12374026.html#ixzz3GVGExQMQ 

DATE: 10/28/2014

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