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Ayrton Senna Talks About F1, His Love For Brasil And Relationships (June, 1993)

MANCHETE: They are a perfect couple. He is the number one on the track and about beauty , she is the number one too. There are a lot of affinities in their love story, she is like a human machine in his life.. They have the same fascination about nature and a honest relationship in common. The couple use to have funny moments together in his paradise mansion in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro south coast. The place where Ayrton can forget the F1 war for some moments. In 1993 season he is trying to win a impossible championship, he won some races like magic. And Adriane stopped to modelling , following her boyfriend everywhere.. Its a lovely and authentic pitstop.. Manchete Magazine shows exclusive scenes about their explicit passion.
Ayrton, Adriane and Kinda (Ayrton´s pet) became an inseparable triple.. they are together for a long time on the beach. Ayrton´s friend are saying " Now, he is very fine". Senna not hide it, Adriane became an indispensable character in his life and in his vacations..

MANCHETE: Can you give an advice to the new F1 drivers?
SENNA: No, I don´t like to teach techniques. Everybody need to learn with their experiences, it´s impossible to find two equal people in this world..each one could assimilates things with their own way, according their own training. Day after Day in F1 you will learn the better lessons.So you can discover if you have talent enough or not.

MANCHETE: New drivers needs to learn living with the "jungle law"?
SENNA: Is not so.. There are so much pression in F1.. you have a lot of competition between drivers, mechanics, team managers, sponsors etc. It's a different world, where everything needs to be right at the same time.. but it is a private and modern world, you have some rules to respect, it´s important to have intelligence, courage, determination and a good technique training about everything.We have to learn to live with each other and follow the rules.

MANCHETE: Have you ever thought about to live in another country?
SENNA: "Why do that? I never thought about it, I live with Adriane in Sao Paulo and I travel around the world when I have to compete, I have a house in Portugal, but I just stay there...., but but I just stay there for a short time. I never thought to leave Brasil.. Only if I have a very good reason I would move to another country. I have a lot of business in São Paulo and I have my house beach in Angra dos Reis (Rio de Janeiro), my leasure place.

MANCHETE: Ayrton Senna ´s Company has 5 floors in a modern building in São Paulo, with his private heliport. Ayrton´s father, Milton da Silva and his brother Leonardo take care of his new business. Fábio Machado, his cousin take care of international relations. The company has bilingual staff too. Ayrton makes all decisions but they support him when He is travelling around the world with F1 circle. I wonder if he thinks about leave Formula 1…
SENNA: "No, it is not time yet. I think I can compete until 40 years old.. but now I can´t say when I will retire, maybe I can compete for more 2, 3, 4 years.. but I think I could be a competitive driver and become a champion until 40 years old. I consider a possible age for F1 driver. "

MANCHETE: Who is your idol?
SENNA: “Juan Manuel Fangio, a honest person, a complete champion, an example for all sportsman, for all kinds of sports.”

MANCHETE: Ayrton & Adriane are living a Honey Moon moment. They are living a married life. And we shouldn´t ask them about oldest kinds of institutions (engagement or marriage.) Ayrton gave permission to take his pics with Adriane. It´s important to remember He doesn´t like to be seen or photographed with other girlfriends.The last time I talked with him in Angra dos Reis… He looked to Adriane´s face and described the perfect women…
SENNA: “ The right person for me is someone to share all the relationship moments, becoming a good partner.. I´m sure beauty is important, but it´s over one day, so what really makes a relationship happy and strong is the man and woman abilities to support each other for everything in their lives. "

MANCHETE: Adriane was sitting at his side and he was caressing her face, it´s like a public confession that she was his dream of woman, the right person. Some people could say "She's a witch, she is hypnotize Senna." I´m sure she is not a witch, but if she is, everyone would like to go the hell because she is perfect and cool. Maybe she has magic powers because she gives luck for him when she go to the GPs with him .. Adriane didn´t want to talk about her famous boyfriend, she always did everything according Ayrton´s wishes. As a professional top model she could take some advantage about it.. but she refused. and she always heard Ayrton´s opinions about her professional contracts. He is like an artistic manager for her.. He really wish she becomes more than a model.
One time I asked him about marriage and replied:
SENNA: I can get marriage today, tomorrow, maybe in few months.. The races will not influence my decision... "There is no date or marked place…

MANCHETE: He laughed like: "If you don´t discover the date, I will not say nothing" ...but he send some tips…
In the end of conversation, he looked to Adriane´s eyes.. face to face.. She was embaressed and her face became red. I´m sure she understood him. he is a impulsive guy.. maybe he could get married with her and no one will know about it. And a boyfriend with strong personality is not easy, she knows very well.

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